Q. How much does it costs to advertise here?

A. Our directory listings are $159.00 per year. We have also have a profession package that gives you a digital business card ($79 value) for $199 per year. You are allowed to create up to 2 seperate listings, and add the advertise them in up to 3 different catagories, allowing more flexibilty in promoting your business? Our professional packages allows up to 3 listings. 

Q. How do you differ from other local directory listings?

A. In Thomaston directory allows you to customize your directory listing, such as adding images and video, contact or reservation forms on your page, click to call link, so customers can dial with a click of  button. We also email you a QR code that will direct mobile users to your listing page by scanning the code from their phones camera. You can also make your listing an ecommerce site and sell your products or services direct from your page.

Q. What are the benefits of a listings in your directory?

A. Our directory only lists  companies that does business here in Thomaston. When prospects are searching for products and services here, most directories will also list similar businesses in surrounding areas such as Columbus, Macon, Griffin, etc... We also don't allow any other competitor listings  to be viewed from your page. Information listed is concentrated solely on YOUR business. 

Q. What happens when my 14 day trial period ends?

A. After your trial period has ended, the system will mark your listing as "pending", meaning it will be removed from the directory until you decide to purchase. After purchasing your package, the system will mark your listing as "active" and you can resume using your listing. After the trial period ends, you can still access your control panel for 7 days, in case you need more time to decide on keeping your listing. After the 7 day grace period, your listings and access to your control panel will be deleted.

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